Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Golem Gates Gameplay Review

I'm playing Golem Gates, a card-based real-time strategy game by Laser Guided Games.

The game features a fifteen mission campaign with repetitive objectives (capture these locations, then defeat the enemy base), a challenge mode with much more interesting scenarios, a survival mode, and versus play against the AI or online that needs more maps. Playing any game mode unlocks new cards to add to your customizable deck of units, defensive structures, traps, and spells. Energy (collected from generators) is spent to play cards in any area within the vision range of a friendly unit. Since the cards are drawn at random from the deck, there is no static build order to follow; this really helps to vary the gameplay, a common problem in real-time strategy games. The game is quite difficult overall, and coming up with a strategy on the fly using only the cards you have is a welcome challenge. The interface makes playing cards and accessing units straightforward. Golem Gates is an effective combination of card game and real-time strategy game.