Thursday, May 31, 2018

Airport Simulator 2019 Gameplay Review

I'm playing Airport Simulator 2019, an airport management simulation by Toplitz Productions.

The game mainly involves driving vehicles (buses, cargo loaders, baggage transports, fuel trucks) around an airport. Paths are drawn on the ground to assist in navigation, and cruise control is available to rest weary “W” keys. The driving physics are simplistic and all vehicles are easy to handle. AI drivers will come to a halt when you get too close, but will run into stopped vehicles you may have parked in odd locations. Each incoming flight has a number of steps that must be completed, either by you or staff you have hired. Staff members will level up with experience, and additional vehicles can be purchased to handle more complex flight tasks. Time acceleration is available to skip to the next event. Airport Simulator 2019 is extremely repetitive and limited in scope to just driving vehicles and assigning staff, but doesn’t have any huge areas of concern like many simulations do.