Monday, May 07, 2018

Battle Fleet Ground Assault Gameplay Review

I'm playing Battle Fleet Ground Assault, a turn-based strategy game by Mythical City Games.

The game features a campaign mode where units are moved around to capture territory during World War II. Also available are custom battles with randomly generated maps (though the map dimensions do not adjust for the force size) and user-selected unit rosters, plus online multiplayer. One tank moves at a time (based on XP), and each unit can move, then attack or move again. The major new feature of Battle Fleet Ground Assault (compared to its predecessor) is line of sight: units can hide behind buildings, trees, and terrain, making targeting impossible until they are spotted. Much like in Battle Fleet 2, shots are performed by adjusting the angle and power; while angle indicators are , range rings are widely space, leaving for a lot of error and educated guessing. The AI is deadly accurate (even on the easiest difficulty setting where the AI misses more, it can occasionally perform a salvo of precise shots at long distance), making the campaign and quick battles frustrating unless you are skilled enough to land ~80% of your shots. Because of this, the best strategy is to hide your units as much as possible to gain the upper hand and shoot first. Online play does not suffer from the same outrageously skilled computer opponents, though people with game experience can estimate ranges well. Apart from line of sight and taking place on land with tanks, Battle Fleet Ground Assault is the same as Battle Fleet 2, with approachable gameplay but unmistakably cheating AI opponents.