Friday, May 04, 2018

Murderous Pursuits Gameplay Review

I'm playing Murderous Pursuits, a stealth action game by Blazing Griffin.

Taking inspiration from The Ship and Assassin’s Creed, the game features capable AI bots and online multiplayer matchmaking with no server browser. Most favor wins, earned by killing your quarry or stunning your hunter. Proximity indicators show the direction of your target and whether hunters are nearby; the displays are imprise enough to not give away too much information if you are not paying attention to your surroundings. All weapons are one-shot kills, placing more emphasis on detection rather than aiming skill. As you move, exposure level increases, which can be brought back down by standing in vignettes (large dashed areas scattered around each map, also utilized to blend in with the NPCs). Additional favor can be earned by killing with low exposure levels or swapping weapons out for new implements. Infrequent guards are placed around the maps that will arrest anyone who brandishes a weapon, instantly causing them to be exposed. Two abilities (from a list of five) can be chosen prior to each game: counter attacks, remove exposure, reveal nearby targets, humiliate a target (for bonus favor but instant exposure), or stun everyone nearby. Murderous Pursuits progresses at a much faster pace than The Ship, with needs replaced by a more intuitive exposure system that still allows for trailing a target and sneaking up on them for an attack. There are some occasional issues with lag (who clicked first?) and aiming when people are placed close to each other, but overall Murderous Pursuits is quite enjoyable and more accessible than its predecessor.