Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Antigraviator Gameplay Review

I'm playing Antigraviator, an arcade racing game by Cybernetic Walrus and Iceberg Interactive.

The game features a single player campaign where money earned during each race can be used to unlock new parts. However, you must place first to unlock the next set of races, which is a very tough proposition. Additionally, there is local split-screen multiplayer, online multiplayer with rankings and leaderboards, and single races against the AI. Beyond traditional lap-based events, there are "deathraces" where last place is eliminated each circuit, and a "countdown" mode where passing through checkpoints adds time. There are only 12 different tracks in four settings, but the tracks don't impact the racing too much. Controls are typical, with air braking to get around tight turns and collecting pickups for boost. Antigraviator advertises "no speed limit", but there is clearly a top speed as the car slows down after boosting. Traps (missiles, ice, mines, et cetera) are available at various locations around each track (indicated on the map). The first person to smash the B button gets to use it immediately, which is a terrible game mechanic devoid of strategy: there is no saving traps for just the right moment. Racing favors being in the lead too much (as you can collect the boost pickups first and widen your lead), and the AI racers stick to the racing line and slam into each other and you continually. Antigraviator has the potential to be a compelling arcade racer, but its lack of tactics in using traps and favoritism towards being in the lead places it off the podium.