Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Bus Simulator 18 Gameplay Review

I'm playing Bus Simulator 18, a bus driving simulation by stillalive studios and Astragon Entertainment.

The game takes place in a single town of relatively small size (it only takes a couple of minutes to drive from one end to the other). Money earned by driving routes can be used to purchase new buses and hire employees to drive routes for you. Or, you can go online and drive for other users’ companies, a neat feature. The driving is faithful: if all of the realism options are turned on, you must unlock the doors, turn on the ignition, turn on all of the lights, and put the bus into drive before each excursion. Speed limit signs are rare, and European priority roads take some acclimation for an American used to traffic lights and 4-way stops. The AI traffic will yield if you signal to merge back in from a stop, and they seem to give right-of-way as well. In addition to opening the doors for customers, you must give change to people whom purchase tickets (an enjoyable aspect of the game). You may also have to clean up garbage or tell riders to turn their hippie music down. Conversations between passengers repeat themselves quickly. Despite the limited driving area, Bus Simulator 18 is an effective game highlighted by solid driving and online multiplayer.