Monday, June 04, 2018

Football, Tactics & Glory Gameplay Review

I'm playing Football, Tactics & Glory, a turn-based sports strategy game by Creoteam.

The game features a single player campaign mode where you lead a team from the amateurs to the premier league, signing new players and upgrading facilities along the way. There is also hotseat and online multiplayer, but no single games against the AI. There is good mod support with Steam Workshop integration. Players have four stats (accuracy, passing, defense, and control) that determine how high their random dice rolls go; skills are also available to use during games in special situations. Players gain experience during matches that can be used to unlock new classes (sweeper, full back) with additional game attributes. Each match is turn-based: a team gets three moves before control is passed to the opponent. Players can move, dribble, pass, shoot, hold the ball (which increases control), tackle, press (to make it easier for a second player to tackle), swap positions, cross, or break in. Free kicks, corner kicks, and penalty kicks allow for limited player positioning before the play starts. A lot of the game’s strategy involves initial placement of players on the field, and then using their abilities to move the ball into the net. This results in a lot of formation changes and counters to those changes during the course of a game, at least when humans are involved: while the AI is good at the game, it never alters its formation during a match, causing a successful plan to be able to be repeated. Two things prevent Football, Tactics & Glory from being a great game: the lack of single games against the AI, and the static formation usage by the computer opponent.