Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Lumines Remastered Gameplay Review

I'm playing Lumines Remastered, a puzzle game by Resonair and Enhance.

New features are limited to shuffled mode and additional vibration settings, while online multiplayer has been removed. There are plentiful game modes included: the “normal” challenge mode with basic, shuffle, and endless options, a mode where you can choose the skins used, a seemingly pointless time-limited time attack mode, a very difficult puzzle mode where you have to create a shape within a time limit, a very difficult mission mode with specific objectives to accomplish within a time limit, a very difficult versus CPU mode, and local competitive multiplayer. The basic gameplay involves making squares of the same color by dropping and rotating blocks. As the timeline passes, blocks will disappear, and more blocks removed in the same sweep will increase the score. A “chain” block (with a cross on it) removes any adjacent blocks of the same color. The mechanics are easy to learn but hard to master, as the game is quite challenging across all modes. While this Remastered edition adds very little, Lumines is a very good, very challenging puzzle game.