Friday, June 29, 2018

Wreckfest Gameplay Review

I'm playing Wreckfest, an arcade racing game by Bugbear Entertainment and THQ Nordic.

The game features a lengthy multi-tiered career mode with lots of varied events at each level. In addition, there are single events and online racing. Money and experience points used to unlock and purchase new cars and parts can be earned in any game mode. The handling strikes a terrific balance between arcade and simulation: the vehicles require skill to drive but are more forgiving than more realistic simulations. Handling can also be tuned in a straightforward manner, making adjustments to the suspension, gear ratio, differential, and brake balance. Adjustable aids (anti-lock brakes, traction control, automatic gearbox) can also be utilized. The most noticeable feature of Wreckfest is the damage model: soft body damage looks fantastic, and raceways are typically littered with debris after every race. The smooth game engine runs very well and looks great. Very competent AI drivers put on a great race and will put you in the wall if given the chance, but will also make mistakes and wreck each other. Wreckfest is a fantastic arcade racing game that delivers enjoyable handling, challenging yet fallible computer opponents, solid online play, and varied racing modes on numerous tracks to go along with its detailed car damage.