Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Graveball Gameplay Review

I'm playing Graveball, an action sports game by Goin’ Yumbo and 3D Realms.

The game focuses on online 3v3 matches: while there is a practice mode against AI bots, the game lacks a league or career mode and game customization options (such as game length or rules tweaks). The goal is to keep the ball in the end zone for two seconds or shoot the ball through a ring. Opponents can be attacked and killed, turning into ghosts that move quickly and invisibly around the map and can respawn anywhere. You can also commit suicide to turn into a ghost and quickly traverse the arena and sneak up on the opposition. Additional options include throwing weapons, jumping and diving to avoid attacks, and sprinting. It is sometimes hard to tell what’s going on (likely on purpose), and Graveball never features any lulls against the competent AI. While Graveball is an action-packed, albeit chaotic, sports game, the reliance on an online community and deficiency in single player features potentially hurt long-term enjoyment.