Tuesday, July 17, 2018


I'm playing MOTHERGUNSHIP, a roguelike first-person shooter by Terrible Posture Games and Grip Digital.

Sharing a lot of similarities with the developer’s previous game Tower of Guns, the game centers around shooting lots of enemies in randomly generated levels. Apart from the main story missions, there are side missions for extra parts and experience, and eventually endless and sandbox modes are unlocked. Guns can be created from parts purchased in each mission; the designing process is easy using connectors, barrels, and enhancements to attach things. More powerful weapons require more frequent energy recharging, so there is strategy involved in which barrels to place together on the same gun. Each mission has a limited number of gun parts that can be initially brought in to create the initial gun, and dying results in losing those parts. The procedurally generated levels are interesting and can drastically affect the difficulty of each mission. Occasionally, there are special rooms to purchase new parts or that have different rules. The AI is dumb but overwhelming in numbers, making for a difficult game overall. Each room does not need to be cleared to advance, however. The game’s fast pace (with quick movement and multiple jumps) and relatively short missions makes replaying after death more palatable. MOTHERGUNSHIP is a very challenging first-person shooter high in replay value thanks to procedurally generated levels and extremely flexible weapon design.