Thursday, July 19, 2018

Radiis Gameplay Review

I'm playing Radiis, a turn-based strategy game by Urban Goose Games.

The game features a campaign with pre-designed maps that teaches the basics of the gameplay. While the skirmish mode does offer randomized maps, there is also a map editor and content can be shared through Steam Workshop. The objective is to secure most of the map’s hexes by placing buildings to capture surrounding territory. Population in each hex grows over time (to a maximum determined by the tile type), earning more money to spend on more buildings. Buildings can also be purchased using points earned by capturing unclaimed territory and destroying enemy structures. The building roster offers several options for expansion, with structures that provide population growth, destroy enemy buildings, or remove opposing population from the area. The AI is very competent at the game, using solid strategies that require some thinking to defeat. Radiis utilizes simple mechanics but still contains interesting decisions regarding which buildings to use and when.