Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Dustwind Gameplay Review

I'm playing Dustwind, a real-time tactical strategy game by Dustwind Studios and Z-Software.

The game is primarily designed for online play, but you can compete against bots or in solo missions. Game modes include cooperative missions, last team standing, team deathmatch, free for all, capture the flag, and assault/defense. The small roster of maps is exhausted quickly, but there is a map editor. Custom character design is interesting, where points are assigned to increase player stats or equip weapons. Dustwind is played from an isometric perspective, using clicking to move. Since there is no moving and shooting, the “S” key is used to halt and engage. Some of the controls are a bit cumbersome and peering into buildings can be tricky, but it’s mostly hassle free to navigate around the maps. Units will auto-engage enemies, which takes some of the tedious micromanagement away. Stealth should always be used to hide from the opposition, while crouching increases accuracy. Med packs, grenades, mines, turrets, barricades, and lockpicks can also be used. Firefights are typically quick and deadly, keeping the action constant. AI opponents and allies are not terrible. Dustwind isn’t for everyone, but should appeal to fans of classic tactical games.