Monday, September 17, 2018

Megaquarium Gameplay Review

I'm playing Megaquarium, a management simulation by Twice Circled.

The game features a campaign mode with scenarios that include varied starting and victory conditions; also included is a flexible sandbox mode. The goal is to expand the aquarium by placing new tanks filled with fish and other aquatic creatures; each animal has different attributes and desires (such as water temperature, grass, or caves) that must be balanced in each ecosystem. Different machines, such as filters, skimmers, heaters, and lights, can be attached to tanks to achieve the levels required by its inhabitants. Staff members will automatically feed the fish, repair broken equipment, and keep the aquarium clean. Money is earned by having popular animals on display and by selling food, drinks, and souvenirs. Animals also provide research points used to unlock new animals and equipment. The game is very approachable while still requiring some careful balancing so animal needs don’t interfere. While the game can get repetitive and there is some waiting for new things to finish researching, the variety of animals and freeform expansion options buoy interest. Megaquarium is a well-executed management game.