Thursday, October 18, 2018

Oligopoly Gameplay Review

I'm playing Oligopoly, an economic strategy game by Viny Game Studio.

The game features three short campaigns (11 scenarios total) at various difficulties, plus five sandbox maps; there are no random maps to extend the content. The goal is to make money by collecting resources, transporting those resources to factories to produce goods, then selling those goods. There are some multi-step production chains in the game (iron + oil > plastic + steel + engine > mower) that add complexity and require planning. However, it is extremely difficult to turn a profit early on in each campaign scenario (the sandbox maps have infinite money), as goods do not earn enough money to offset the expensive monthly maintenance costs for the factories and mines required to make those goods. Oligopoly is a potentially interesting economic strategy game with intricate production chains ruined by poor early game balance in the campaign mode.