Monday, October 01, 2018

ValeGuard Gameplay Review

I'm playing ValeGuard, a defensive strategy game by Lost Tower Games.

The game features a campaign that consists of a series of semi-random scenarios where you must construct defenses and and army to fend off enemies that will appear after a set period of time; once you lose, you have to start over from the beginning so there is only one saved game slot. Workers are assigned to collect resources, construct buildings, make weapons, or constitute your army. Town size can be increased by building houses with wells nearby, and food must be produced every four turns to support your population. Random events, such as merchants that will trade resources for gold and monsters that attack before the end of the scenario, mix things up mid-game. Combat is performed in real-time, where units are given move and attack orders and use special abilities. Units will attack nearby enemies to reduce micromanagement. The AI is basic but only needs to be in a defensive game. Ultimately, ValeGuard is a game of resource management, assigning the correct number of workers to collect and produce the right goods in order to have enough troops and defenses to fend off the final attack. While the mechanics are somewhat repetitive, there is flexibility regarding which weapons and resources to focus on. Overall, ValeGuard is an enjoyable defensive strategy game with a management slant.