Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Inclement Gameplay Review

I'm playing Inclement, a farm management strategy game by Killed Pixel Games.

Operating a farm in northern Europe in the 1800’s, the side-scrolling game features retro graphics with a hard-to-read font. Each area on the farm can be selected to clear, plant fields, or construct buildings; these produce more or better grain, raise animals, or produce oil. Buildings can also be upgraded to increase their abilities. Grain is sold through town, where additional workers are hired. The game features very small profit margins, which results in a fairly static build order in order to turn a profit. The difficulty comes from figuring out which buildings need to be placed before expanding to the next level (such as hiring an additional worker) in order to not go bankrupt. Because of the inflexible “correct” build order, Inclement is enjoyable for really only one successful playthrough, but it does offer some fun, light management gameplay.