Monday, January 07, 2019

Medieval Kingdom Wars Gameplay Review

I'm playing Medieval Kingdom Wars, a real-time grand strategy game by Reverie World Studios.

The game features a campaign mode where you select a lord from one of the European countries during the Middle Ages. In addition, there is an online skirmish battle mode and a story-based tutorial. On the map of Europe, you will expand your lord’s territory by attacking nearby hostile factions. Units can be recruited from your various villages; towns can contain a number of upgradable buildings that produce resources or units. Income is earned from both taxes and buildings, and structures can be built by using silver from the main map screen or resources collected in the city screen. Trade goods produced in each town can be used to conduct research and unlock new abilities, while simple diplomatic options to increase or decrease relations are available. Battles are played out in real-time, involving up to 30 units (a single unit can be one peice of siege equipment or a large group of infantry). Additional units can be constructed by building new structures (if they aren’t already present, or if you are storming an enemy town) and paid for by resources collected from the surrounding area. Each unit can have a researched special ability with a variety of formations and stances. Combat relies on countering unit types (blunt weapons for heavily armored opponents, slashing or piercing weapons for light armor) and constructing walls to keep invaders at bay, although wall construction is completely automated once the command is given. The AI is generally effective at using appropriate units and attacking weak points in defenses. Medieval Kingdom Wars is a mostly effective mix of chaotic real-time strategy battles and grand strategy, serving as a streamlined combination of both genres.