Thursday, March 28, 2019

Warparty Gameplay Review

I'm playing Warparty, a real-time strategy game by Warcave and Crazy Monkey Studios.

The game features three campaigns, one for each of the slightly different stone-age factions, skirmishes against the AI on only eight maps, a survival mode, and online multiplayer. Worker units are used to collect food and crystal, used to recruit new units, build structures, or perform upgrades. Power is used primarily to cast a limited variety of spells (and, in the case of one faction, to recruit units). Wild dinosaurs can be hunted for food, or recruited by one of the factions. Faction-wide upgrades are given with battle experience, while settlement and unit upgrades can be researched with crystal. The skirmish AI provides an actual challenge (without cheating), as it is very efficient at collecting resources and will attack vulnerable positions. Warparty is a solid real-time strategy game that only really differentiates itself thanks to its setting, though it does feature above-average skirmish AI.